In Poland, the disappearance of collective bargaining was mainly influenced by the restructuring and privatization of industry in the nineties. The existing Collective Bargaining Collective Agreements were terminated by employers. A large part of the Polish industry became the property of foreign concerns, which, having collective bargaining in the EU countries, did not want to enter into negotiations in Poland. Legal instruments are available in Poland to negotiate and conclude collective agreements. Unfortunately, there are practically no employer associations, so there is no negotiable page industry collective agreements. The few existing employers' associations are not willing to negotiate.

As part of the campaign at the national level, the union is providing information on Facebook, on the KSPCH website in the KSPCH newspaper. The chairman of KSPCH wrote an extensive article in the national Solidarity Weekly. The chairman of NSZZ Solidarność, Piotr Duda, has agreed that the entire Solidarity trade union will soon join the "Together at work" campaign.

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Photos from the Campaign in Poland